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The African Foundation for Quality e-Learning for TVET (AFQueT) is a Professional Association of eLearning Practitioners in Africa that offers policymakers a framework for dialogue with stakeholders for development of a shared understanding of quality in e-learning. AFQueT aims at promoting the quality and image of Technical Vocational Edudation and Training (TVET) through capacity building in Open, Distance and Flexible Learning (ODFL); engaging in research, development and innovation on ODFL; certification through e-Quality checks for design, development and facilitation of e-Learning courses; organizing conferences, workshops, trainings and seminars on ODFL; championing a community of e-Learning practitioners in Africa; interacting, collaborating and sharing best practices in Open Educational Resources (OER), Inclusivity in TVET, Sustainable Development, Competency Based Education and Training (CBET); ICT Integration in TVET; and, encouraging industry linkages with TVET. AFQueT membership is drawn from practitioners working in various TVET institutions across Africa, who have expertise in e-Learning from different occupational areas. They strive to address challenges of expanding use of ICT to increase institutional efficiency, expanding access to skills training in formal/ informal set-ups and improving the quality of teaching and learning through an activity called Flexible Skills Development or FSD.

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Board Members

Robert Okinda Chairman - AFQueT. Head of Open, Distance & eLearning at Kenya Technical Trainers College in Nairobi, Kenya.
Dr. Funmilayo Doherty Vice chair- AFQueT. Principal Lecturer at Yaba College of Technology (YCT) in Lagos, Nigeria.
Dr. Humprey Danso Secretary - AFQueT. Senior Lecturer at College of Technology Education, University of Education Winneba, Ghana.
Francis Wambua Treasurer - AFQueT. Coordinator of Open, Distance and Flexible Learning (ODFL) at Maasai Technical Training Institute in Kajiado, Kenya.

Grace Titi Otieno Vice Secretary - AFQueT. Principal Lecturer, Ramogi Institute of Science & Technology in Kisumu, Kenya.
Danila Bijal Board Member - AFQueT. Lecturer and Coordinator of the Hotel and Tourism Department at the Dom Bosco Higher Institute, Mozambique
Abdi K. Tiony Board Member - AFQueT. Head of Flexible Learning and External Linkages at the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute in Eldoret, Kenya.
Misheck Kalungulungu Board Member AfQueT. Lecturer and Head Research and Consultancy at the Technical Vocational Training Institute in Luansia, Zambia.



To promote the use of OERs for quality e-learning experience and training in TVET across Africa...


  • To promote the quality and image of TVET through capacity building in open, distance and e-learning
  • To engage in research development and innovation Certification through e-Quality checks To organize conferences, workshops, trainings and seminars To champion a community of e-learning practitioners in Africa To interact, collaborate and share best practices in OER, Inclusivity in TVET, sustainable Development, ICT Integration in TVET & CBET To develop programmes that integrate sustainable development goals in TVET To encourage industry linkages with TVET

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For further information about our programmes, activities or general enquries,contact us:

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Telphone - + 254 774 943 135, +233244592831, +254 20 2366099

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