Membership is open to all practitioners in TVET institutions, e-learning experts, and stakeholders interested in ODL across Africa.



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AFQueT’s initiatives on e-learning, integration of ICT in TVET and Open Education Resources (OER), responds to capacity enhancement needs of institutions, staff and trainees in the critical area of quality, in the 21st century teaching and learning. E-learning solutions use open, distance and technology mediated learning methodologies to provide increased access to courses to a greater reach and diverse populations.  It is ideal for those who come from far flung areas or those who are too busy to attend lectures. A team of dedicated staff at AFQueT will work to develop online course content and train staff on delivery of the same. Consultations on quality assurance and evaluations will also be of key importance.

 In the recent past, in many institutions around Africa, there has been an upsurge in enrollment of on campus students and existing physical facilities cannot cope in the foreseeable future. E-Learning and ICT integration in the classroom can solve the challenge. As they say, motor and brick approaches won’t solve the problem.

AFQueT will be more than happy to assist clients in implementing innovative ways and technologies including student support systems to ensure that trainees enjoy a learning ecosystem that is not only convenient but also focused on quality teaching and learning.